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From Laura Johansen of

Hi, Tom,

Thanks for letting me know about your web page updates and the addition of to your links. I appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness. Your site has certainly undergone some major revamping! You've done a fantastic job… It looks wonderful!

It's great to hear that more Aussies are joining the "We Love Lucy" club. Do you have any idea how many Australian club members you have now? I Love Lucy and Here's Lucy have been off the air since 1992 here. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour hasn't been on since 1986. The Lucy Show was taken off in 1985 and Life With Lucy has never aired -- so it's great to hear that others are still remembering Lucy down under!

Anyway, thanks again!

We Love Lucy currently has 25 members in Australia. Perhaps our most enthusiastic fan is Barbara Petersen of the South Gippsland town of Foster. Barbara has been interviewed many times by the local press (see photo); was featured on the Australian version of The Today Show and has attended our Loving Lucy Conventions twice.

From Eva at

Hi, Tom -

I was wondering if in the next newsletter or on the web site you could post some of the pictures from Lucy and Desi's Chatsworth home? I hear you have tons, and I would looooove to see tham. I went out to Chatsworth during the Lucy Convention and I went to a place where I thought was the house, but now I'm not so sure. Anything would be much appreciated!

And thanks to you again for making the Lucy Convention this year THE BEST! You and your staff are the GREATEST! I had the time of my life.


And thanks right back to you for your kind words! We do not have tons of photos from the Chatsworth house, but we do have some from the 1940s and 50s that we will feature in a photo spread in our January webzine. For the time being, here is one that was taken about 8 years ago in what remains of the home's backyard. Most of the land that originally surrounded the house has long since been subdivided, with new homes now standing where the Arnazes' "ranchland" once was.

From Taylor Goodman of Plano, Texas:

I was excited to finally be able to purchase -- and see -- Lucy's 1947 film, "Lured," which has now been issued both on VHS and DVD. I have a poster from this movie, and pasted over the title "Lured" is a second title, "Personal Column." Which title was first? Was it released under both titles?

The film originally went into production as "Personal Column," but it was released in the US as "Lured." It is possible that the censors thought the original title was a little "suggestive." The film, however, was released overseas under its original name. In our article about David Hillman, elsewhere in this issue, he mentions that many of Lucy's films were released under different titles in the UK.

From various members:

Do you have any information about insurance for collectors? I am amassing quite a few things, and am starting to worry about coverage.

No. We have not had experience with any of the individual insurance companies, and cannot comment on whether one is better than another. If you have regular household insurance, check with your agent to see if your collectibles are covered by the regular policy. If they are not, that company may be able to sell you additonal coverage that will cover them. However, there are companies that specialize in insurance for collectibles. One that has sent us information is Collectibles Insurance Agency, Inc. of Westminster, Maryland. You might want to review the information they have posted on their web site:

From a member that wishes to remain anonymous:

Do you have any information about a Jack Benny Fan Club. I know Lucy and Jack were next-door neighbors for many years, and thought you might know.

Yes, there is an International Jack Benny Fan Club that has been in operation for at least 20 years. It is owned and operated by Laura Leff (who was 10 years old when she started it!). The group now has over 500 members in 10 countries. For more information visit the club's web site at

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