How to Place an Ad:

Lucy fans who have Lucy-related items For Sale or For Trade -- or who are seeking same -- we have created an on-line Lucy Classifieds area. (We will also list names and addresses of members who would like Lucy Pen Pals!)

There is NO CHARGE for the listing, but please limit each ad to 75 words or less, one ad per person at a given time. Ads must include your name, snail-mail address, e-mail address and phone number (for our records). Unless you specify otherwise, we will only include your e-mail address in the actual ad. (The 75 word count does NOT include name and address information.)

Categories: "Items for Sale," "Items Wanted," "Items for Trade," and "Pen Pals Wanted." When buying or selling merchandise or memorabilia, please indicate the condition of the item in question.

We reserve the right to edit or change wording for the sake of accuracy or clarity.

All items must be Lucy related. All "merchandise" manufactured after 1995 must include CBS copyright and/or Desilu, too, LLC approvals label. Any unauthorized merchandise of any type will not be listed. We reserve the right to refuse to list any ad or individual item within an ad. (Please note: Classic movie and television memorabilia, photos, books, magazines, etc. are not considered "merchandise" and are welcome.)

Ads should be submitted via e-mail (see below). Please allow 72 hours turn-around time between submitting an ad and its appearance in the Lucy Classifieds. Please notify us immediately once an item has been sold so we can remove the item or entire ad from the listings.

Lucy Classifieds is designed as a posting service only. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the listing or the honesty/integity of the person offering to buy or sell these items. We will not participate in the actual business transactions between buyer and seller. Repeated complaints about individuals, however, will result in suspension of posting privileges.

To place a Lucy Classified ad, send us an e-mail. First ads will be posted on ths web site soon.

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