"The Fur Coat"

(REPEAT with Flashback)

(Episode #10 - R/F)

REPEAT: November 17, 1952 - CBS Television Network

OAD: November 9, 1951 - General Service Studios

NEW FOOTAGE: This telecast begins with Ricky coming into the kitchen for breakfast and finding Lucy bundled in a winter scarf shivering. He asks her if he should call Fred and ask for more heat -- but quickly realizes this is just her annual plea for Ricky to buy her a fur coat. She claims that a fur coat is something she's always wanted. He reminds her that she did have such a coat -- if only for a few days...

We then flashback to ("I Love Lucy" Episode 10) when Ricky brings home an expensive mink coat that he has rented for use in a show at the Tropicana. Lucy thinks it is a present for her -- and refuses to take it off!

GUEST CAST: Ben Weldon (thief)

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