"Lucy is Jealous of Girl Dancer*"

(REPEAT with Flashback)

(Episode #11 - R/F)

REPEAT: April 6, 1953 - CBS Television Network

OAD: December 17, 1951

NEW FOOTAGE: While Lucy is at a gymnasium trying to lose weight, Ricky and Ethel play a game of cards. Fred is reading the evening paper. When Fred reads a "blind" item in a gossip column about a married bandleader who is womanizing, Ricky says he's thankful Lucy is not the jealous type. The Mertzes are surprised to hear this, and prompt Ricky to recall one time a similar situation happened to him...

At this point we flashback to ("I Love Lucy" Episode #11) the time an item in a newspaper gossip column leads Lucy to think Ricky is romantically involved with one of the sexy dancers in his show.

GUEST CAST: Helen Silver (Rosemary)

MUSIC: "Jezabel," "El Cumbanchero"


* aka: "Lucy is Jealous of Girl Singer" (which was the script's original title). Title was changed during production of episode when it was decided having Lucy "crash" a dance number would be funnier than having her interrupt a song. For years the titles have been used interchangeably. Even within CBS both co-existed for years -- with most of the press information materials using the original "Singer" title, while the research-department rating reports used "Dancer." Why not just "Lucy is Jealous"?

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