"Breaking the Lease"

(Episode #18)

OAD: February 11, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Saturday, January 5, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE:The Ricardos and the Mertzes wage a battle-royal that ends with Lucy and Ricky deciding to move out. "Good!" agree the Mertzes -- but they expect the Ricardos to pay off the five months still owed on their lease. The Ricardos decide it would be cheaper to have themselves evicted, and stage an all-night jam session with Ricky's 16-piece orchestra.

GUEST CAST: Bennett Green (bum); Hazel Pierce, Barbara Pepper (party guests)

MUSIC: "Sweet Sue," "I Want a Girl," "El Cumbanchero," "LaRaspa," and "The Mexican Hat Dance"


This episode was the first to be built around a "Mertzes vs. Ricardos" storyline, and featured the first of many appearances by Lucy's good friend, Barbara Pepper. The ladies had been pals since 1933, when both were Goldwyn Girls in the motion picture, "Roman Scandals." Prior to her meeting Vivian Vance, Lucy was considering casting Barbara in the role of Ethel Mertz!

"Breaking the Lease" was one of three episodes melded together to form the "I Love Lucy" Feature Film. The other two were episodes #13 ("The Benefit") and 19 ("The Ballet"). For more information see "I Love Lucy Movie Found".

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