"Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her"

(REPEAT with Flashback)

(Episode #1-R/F)

REPEAT: November 3, 1952 - CBS Television Network

OAD: November 5, 1951

NEW FOOTAGE: This telecast begins with Lucy entering the Ricardos livingroom, ostensibly having finished the dinner dishes and ready for a nice evening. Ricky is seated on the couch, finishing the newspaper. When he asks Lucy what she'd like to do, she suggests they stay in and read a book. She brought a few new paperbacks home earlier in the day... One is titled "Murder at Midnight." Another is "The Blood Stained Stiletto"... Ricky says no -- he remembers all too well the last time Lucy got engrossed in a crime novel...

We then flashback to ("I Love Lucy" Episode 1) when Lucy is reading "The Mockingbird Murder Mystery." She becomes so involved with the plot that she starts to believe Ricky is trying to murder her!


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