"The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub"

(Episode #2)

OAD: Series Premiere! * October 15, 1951 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Saturday, September 15, 1951 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: The Mertzes' 18th wedding anniversary is swiftly approaching, and Ethel wants to spend the evening in a nightclub. Fred, on the otherhand, would like to go to the fights. Naturally, Lucy sides with Ethel, and Ricky agrees with Fred. The verbal battle ends in a standoff, with Lucy announcing that she and Ethel will be celebrating the Mertz anniveresary in a nightclub -- even if they have to find dates to do it.

MUSIC: "Guadalajara"


Notice how the Ricardos' couch was raised up on blocks to minimalize camera movements when Lucy (disguised as a hillbilly) "rassles" with Ricky...

* "I Love Lucy" premiered as part of a CBS Monday night line-up that included:

7:30PM - CBS News with Douglas Edwards
7:45PM - The Perry Como Show
8:00PM - Lux Video Theatre
8:30PM - Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts
9:00PM - I Love Lucy
9:30PM - It's News to Me
10:00PM - Westinghouse Studio One

The competition included "Lights Out" (a mystery/suspense anthology) on NBC; "Curtain UP" (a showcase of old movies) on ABC; and "Wrestling" on the DuMont network.

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