"New Neighbors"

(Episode #21)

OAD: March 3, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, January 25, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: New tenants have moved into the building, but Ricky asks Lucy not to bother them. The next day, she and Ethel start to snoop -- and become convinced that they are international spies, planning to blow up the capitol. Too bad they are only actors rehearsing a play!

GUEST CAST: Hayden Rorke (Tom O'Brien); K. T. Stevens (Mrs. O'Brien); Allen Jenkins (Sergeant Morton)


This episode gave viewers their first and only glimpse of a window that was supposedly located on the "fourth wall" of the Ricardos' livingroom. In one scene, we watch as Lucy and Ethel nearly fall out of the window, trying to see the new neighbors and their furnishings.

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