"The Kleptomaniac"

(Episode #27)

OAD: April 14, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, March 7, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Ricky's asked Lucy not to get involved with any more women's club affairs, so when it is time for the annual bazaar, she decides to keep her participation a secret. Things get complicated, however, when he discovers a wad of cash in her purse. She fibs and tells him it's her "mad money." Then Fred sees her making off with his old cuckoo clock -- and the boys jump to the conclusion that she has become a kleptomaniac.

Ricky immediately contacts a psychiatrist (which he pronounces "fizzy-a-key-a-trist") -- but Lucy is not amused. She decides to pretend to be a full-fledged petty-thief -- one who has just scored the biggest heist in her career...

GUEST CAST: Joseph Kearns (Dr. Robinson)

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