"Lucy Does a TV Commercial"

(Episode #30)

OAD: March 28, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, May 5, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Lucy discovers that husband Ricky needs a girl to do the commericials on his upcoming television special -- and gallantly volunteers to take the job. Ricky turns her down, of course, but Lucy wangles the job anyway -- not knowing that the health elixir that she is selling is 23-percent alcohol!

GUEST CAST: Ross Elliott (Director); Jerry Hausner (Joe); Maury Thompson (script clerk)


Maury Thompson was, indeed, the real-life script clerk for I Love Lucy. Ms. Ball had asked that he be placed directly in front of her in case she forgot part of the long spiel and needed prompting. (This was before anyone in TV used "cue cards.") Lucy did mess-up, of course... If you watch closely, you will note that when Mrs. Ricardo is her most inebriated, she jumps from the opening lines of the commercial, to the closing, then goes back and does the middle. This was NOT supposed to happen! Lucille Ball goofed -- but quickly realized what she had done and, while the cameras were still turning, went back and picked up what she had omitted... and did it in such a way that no one in the audience knew anything had happened. This was clearly Lucille Ball at the top of her form!

The syrup in the Vitameatavegamin bottles was not medicine at all -- it was apple pectin, found in many health food stores.

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