"Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio"

(Episode #32)

OAD: May 19, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, April 11, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Ricky misleads Lucy into thinking he knows all the answers to a radio quiz program -- and she gets the two of them booked onto the next broadcast. When Ricky reveals the truth, Lucy tries to sneak a peek at the questions in advance...

GUEST CAST: Frank Nelson (Freddie Fillmore); Bobby Ellis (office boy); Roy Rowan (announcer)


This was Frank Nelson's second appearance as radio quizmaster Freddie Filmore. (His first appearance was in episode #5, in which he hosted a radio show called "Females Are Fabulous.") Nelson had been a favorite of radio listeners for over two decades, thanks to an on-going role on "The Jack Benny Program" and countless appearances on such comedy classics as "Blondie," "Baby Snooks," "The Abbott & Costello Show," and "Maisie."

Nelson paid a third visit to I Love Lucy as Freddie Filmore in 1954 for "Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation." In 1957, he became a semi- regular on the show as the Ricardos' Connecticut neighbor, Ralph Ramsey... But perhaps his most famous pairing with a certain redhead was in "Homecoming" (photo, right), in which Lucy encounters a jewel thief on the train home from California. Nelson, of course, portrayed the harried conductor.

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