"Ricky Asks for a Raise"

(Episode #35)

OAD: June 9, 1952 (Last Broadcast of Season) - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, May 2, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Lucy urges Ricky to ask his boss, Mr. Littlefield, for raise -- only to have the bombastic nightclub owner refuse and release him from his current employment. When Lucy and the Mertzes discover Littlefield has hired a replacement -- "Xavier Valdez and the Valdez Vampirettes" -- they decide to make reservations for every table in the place, then have the people leave when they discover Ricky Ricardo isn't appearing there anymore. They, of course, disguise themselves as the various customers.

GUEST CAST: Maurice Marsac (Maurice, the headwaiter); Gale Gordon (Alvin Littlefield); Edith Meiser (Phoebe Littlefield)


Few things in life pleased Lucille Ball more than the opportunity to "dress up" and play funny parts in a show. She got ample opportunity to strut her stuff in this episode...

This is the first and only time in which we see the entranceway of the Topicana... Sharp-eyed viewers will note that when Lucy and the Mertzes sashay down the hall, one of the photos on the wall is of glamorous Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Desilu paid homage to a couple of its behind-the-scenes people in this episode: Hal King, whose name appears on the costume trunk, was in real life Lucy's make-up artist. Lucy and the Mertzes change outfits in front of a door reading "Green Supply Company," in honor of Bennett Green, Desi's stand-in.

This episode originally ended with a short "bumper scene" after the closing commercial that had Lucy and Ricky packing for their summer vacation, inviting audiences to tune in the following week for a new situation comedy that CBS would present in their time slot over the summer. My Little Margie (photo below) starred Gale Storm and Charles Farrell -- and would prove so successful (albeit NOT at the Lucy level) that sponsor Philip Morris brought the show back as a regular prime time show in 1952-53.

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