"Anniversary Present"

(Episode #36)

OAD: September 29, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, May 9, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE:Lucy thinks Ricky has forgotten their swiftly-approaching 11th wedding anniversary. Not only has he not forgotten, he's arranged to buy an expensive string of pearls for his wife from neighbor Grace Foster, who works in a jewelry store. When Ricky sneaks off to see the samples that Grace has brought home on approval, Lucy and Ethel jump to the conclusion that Ricky and Grace are having an affair. They disguise themselves as housepainters and attempt to use scaffolding to spy on the two lovers. Lucy ultimately winds up with the pearls -- but not before she has doused herself with a whole bucket of white paint!

GUEST CAST: Gloria Blondell (Grace Foster); Herb Vigran (Jule)


This was one of five episodes filmed in May, 1952, and held for broadcast the following season.

Gloria Blondell was the younger sister of actress Joan Blondell. A few months after this program aired, Gloria landed the role of "Honey Bee" Gillis, the "Ethel Mertz character," if you will, on NBC's The Life of Riley sitcom (1953-58), starring William Bendix.

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