"Job Switching"

(Episode #39)

OAD: Season Premiere* - September 15, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, May 30, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Lucy and Ethel "switch places" with husbands Ricky and Fred -- with the girls going to work, and the fellows staying home to take care of the housekeeping. Naturally, all four fail at their chores: Fred's seven-layer chocolate cake resembles a pancake... Ricky's arroz con pollo explodes all over the kitchen -- and Lucy and Ethel make a mess of Kramer's Kandy Kitchen. The show ends with the husbands and the wives having newfound respect for the other's lot in life.

GUEST CAST: Elvia Allman (candy factory foreman); Amanda Milligan (candy maker); Alvin Hurwitz (Mr. Snodgrass)


This was one of five episodes filmed in May, 1952, and held for broadcast the following season. It was the first to be directed by Bill Asher, and has long been considered one of the series' "classic episodes."

"Job Switching" proved so popular, that for years after, Desilu Studios considered it to be the prototypical Lucy show, and screened it for all visiting dignitaries.

* "I Love Lucy" was part of a CBS Monday night line-up that included:

7:30PM - CBS News with Douglas Edwards
7:45PM - The Perry Como Show
8:00PM - Lux Video Theatre
8:30PM - Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts
9:00PM - I Love Lucy
9:30PM - Life with Luigi
10:00PM - Westinghouse Studio One

The competition included "Hollywood Opening Night" (a "live" dramatic series) on NBC; "All Star News" (news, interviews, analysis) on ABC; and "Guide Right" (a military-themed variety show) on the DuMont network.

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