"The Saxophone"

(Episode #40)

OAD: September 22, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, June 6, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Lucy's hopes to accompany Ricky and his band on a series of out-of-town one-nighters. When her plan to join the group as a saxophonist backfires, Lucy plots to make Ricky jealous -- so he will be afraid to leave her at home alone. She borrows Fred's hat and gloves, and pretends there is a new man in her life...

GUEST CAST: Herb Vigran (Jule); Charles Victor (man in closet)

MUSIC: "The Glow Worm"


This was one of five episodes filmed in early summer, 1952, and held for broadcast the following season.

During the spring of 1952, I Love Lucy writers, Bob Carroll, Jr. and Madelyn Pugh, asked Lucy if she could play a musical instrument. Her answer: "No, but give me a week..."

"For some reason, Bob and I liked the idea of people hiding in a closet," says Madelyn today. "We used it in this show, and in a couple of other Lucys. We even used it in the pilot of The Mothers-in-Law fifteen years later -- and it always got a laugh! As for Lucy playing the saxophone -- she was a writer's dream... No matter what we asked her to do -- ride a lawnmower, jump on a trampoline, walk on stilts -- she never said "No," just "Give me a few days to learn it."

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