"Ricky Loses His Voice"

(Episode #44)

OAD: December 1, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, August 22, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Ricky's ill with a sore throat and laryngitis -- and Mr. Chambers, his new boss at the Tropicana, is going out of town. Lucy realizes this is a golden opportunity for her to stage a show starring herself and her two best friends, Fred and Ethel. Fred's suggestion: dust off "The Flapper Follies of 1927."

GUEST CAST: Arthur Quinn (Mr. Chambers); Gertrude Astor, Hazel Pierce, Helen Williams, Barbara Pepper (flappers)

MUSIC: "Carolina in the Morning," "Sweet and Lovely," "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue," "Charleston," "Mississippi Mud," "The Varsity Drag"


The pregnant lady rehearses...

Note Lucy's flapper costume (photo, top of page): the huge bow is carefully positioned to hide Lucy's "condition."

Hal King applies the finishing touches to Lucy's make-up:

This episode was one of the few to ever show us the outside of the Ricardo's livingroom door... Note it is labeled "4-A"...

"Carolina in the Morning" was not only one of Bill Frawley's favorite songs -- he was one of the first entertainers to popularize it. The Walter Donaldson-Gus Kahn tune was actually introduced in "The Passing Show of 1922," a musical revue not unlike the one being spoofed here. The song, however was over- shadowed by a rather risque send-up of Eugene O'Neill's "The Hairy Ape," which seemed to get everyone's attention. When the show closed, Donaldson and Kahn offered their song to Frawley to use in his vaudeville act. Bill sang it for the first time in 1923 at the Palace Theater in Chicago; other entertainers soon discovered it, and before long it was one of the most popular tunes in the country.

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