"The Inferiority Complex"

(New Episode with Flashback)

(Episode #46-F)

OAD: February 2, 1953 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Saturday, September 6, 1952 - General Service Studios

SPECIAL FOOTAGE: The 1953 original broadcast of this episode opens with Fred coming into the Ricardo apartment where he finds Ricky surveying a coffee-table full of gifts for Lucy. She is still in the hospital with newlyborn Little Ricky -- but she's getting a little depressed. One of the other ladies in the maternity ward just delivered triplets and another had twins. "Lucy thinks she short changed me," Ricky explains. He hopes the gifts (including fancy bedjacket that Fred models) will cheer her up. Ethel arrives, and the threesome remember an earlier occasion on which Lucy got depressed...

At that point, we flashback to ("I Love Lucy" Episode 46), an evening when Lucy feels upset because she's not very good at telling jokes or playing bridge. The next morning, she inadvertently ruins Ricky's breakfast, and comes to the conclusion she's a failure. Ricky decides to consult a psychiatrist.

GUEST CAST: Gerald Mohn (Dr. Molin)

MUSIC: "Who?"


This is the second of five episodes filmed in late summer/early fall of 1952 and saved for broadcast after Lucille Ball started maternity leave. All five included opening scenes that mentioned and/or showed the new Ricardo baby -- then flashed back to an earlier story... These opening scenes were normally discarded when the episodes were repeated later.

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