"The Black Eye"

(New Episode with Flashback)

(Episode #48-F)

OAD: February March 9, 1953 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, September 19, 1952 - General Service Studios

SPECIAL FOOTAGE: The 1953 original broadcast of this episode opens with Fred entering the Ricardo apartment through the front door at virtually the same moment that Ethel comes in from the kitchen -- and the swinging kitchen door smacks Fred in the face. Ricky predicts that Fred will probably get quite a black eye from the bump. Fred's upset because he has a lodge meeting that night, and knows no one will believe that he got the black eye from walking into a door... Ricky admits that "no one ever believes the real story behind a black eye," and the three reminisce about an earlier occasion...

At that point, we flashback to ("I Love Lucy" Episode #48) in which Ricky tosses Lucy a book and accidentally hits her in the eye. A real "shiner" develops, but the Mertzes don't believe it was an accident.

GUEST CAST: Bennett Green (florist)


This is one of five episodes filmed in late summer/early fall of 1952 and saved for broadcast after Lucille Ball started maternity leave. All five included opening scenes that mentioned and/or showed the new Ricardo baby -- then flashed back to an earlier story... These opening scenes were normally discarded when the episodes were repeated later.

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