"The Diet"

(REPEAT with Flashback)

(Episode #4 - R/F)

REPEAT: February 9, 1953 - CBS Television Network

OAD: October 29, 1951

NEW FOOTAGE: This telecast opens with Ricky coming into the apartment carrying a carton of Philip Morris cigarettes, which he places on the mantle. The Mertzes rush in, asking if Ricky has been to the hospital to see Lucy and the new baby. The proud papa starts to brag about his young infant -- "He cries with an accent." Ethel asks if he wants to take Lucy a box of cookies when he goes back to the hospital, but Ricky says his wife is already planning on going on a diet. The threesome then reminisce about the last time Lucy tried to lose weight...

At this point, we flashback to ("I Love Lucy," Episode #4) when Lucy is horrified to discover she has put on 22 pounds in the 10 years that she and Ricky have been married. Making matters worse, Ricky has an opening for a new dancer at the club -- and she wants to audition. Ricky says she can have the job -- if she can lose enough weight to fit into the existing costume.

GUEST CAST: Marco Rizo (piano player)

MUSIC: "Cuban Pete/Sally Sweet"

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