"Pregnant Women are Unpredictable"

(Episode #51)

OAD: December 15, 1952 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, October 10, 1952 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Lucy feels neglected because all Ricky and the Mertzes can talk about is the Ricardos' soon-to-arrive baby. Ricky even offers to cook breakfast for her -- but she thinks it is because she is expecting, not because she is Lucy... Ricky decides to make her the center of attention again by taking her out for an evening of dining and dancing.

GUEST CAST: Bennett Green (deliveryman)

MUSIC: "Cheek to Cheek"


Included in this episode is a scene in which Lucy tries to teach herself how to bathe and diaper a baby. The doll she uses as a prop was one of the new I Love Lucy-endorsed items of merchandise being released for Christmas.

Created by the American Character Doll Co., the "I Love Lucy Doll" was 16 inches long and included a drawer of accessories. Because the gender of the Ricardo infant would not be announced until January, 1953, this doll was not gender specific. Priced at $9.98, "The I Love Lucy Doll" turned out to be one of the best-selling toys of the season.

(Color photo, left, from "For the Love of Lucy: A Guide for Collectors & Fans," by Ric B. Wyman, published by Abbeville Press.

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