"No Children Allowed"

(Episode #57)

OAD: April 20, 1953 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, March 20, 1953 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: The Ricardos' new baby cries at night, and is keeping the entire building awake. When one of the tenants, Mrs. Trumbull, complains, Ethel calls her a grouch and defends her new godchild. Later, however, Lucy and Ethel have a spat -- and its the adults that are making all the noise.

GUEST CAST: Richard and Ronald Lee Simmons (Little Ricky); Elizabeth Patterson (Mrs. Trumbull); June Whitney, Charlotte Lawrence, Vivi Janiss, Peggy Rae, Margie Liszt, Kay Wiley (club women)


This episode was the first to be produced after a 4-month maternity hiatus. It was the first to feature Richard and Ronald Lee Simmons (twins) as Little Ricky; and introduced Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Trumbull -- who would become the baby's sitter.

After the evening's filming, Lucille Ball was presented with a special award from the editors of TV Guide magazine -- a New York-based publication that was about to "go national." The magazine's readership had selected Lucy as TV's "Best Comedienne."

Two weeks later, the first national issue of TV Guide was published -- with Lucille and real-life son Desi IV on the cover:

The new magazine was a combination of several smaller independent publications: "TV Guide" (in New York), "TV Forecast" (in Chicago), "TV Digest" (in Philadelphia), etc. The small local magazines had all been purchased by Walter Annenberg's Triangle Publications, which instituted a new format that combined full color national news pages with black-and-white local program listings. Many in the publishing business thought Annenberg was out of his mind: with TV listings now being carried in the newspapers, who would want to buy a separate magazine that provided the same information? (The magazine went on to become one of the most successful in history!)

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