"The Audition"

(Episode #6)

OAD: November 19, 1951 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, October 12, 1951 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: When Ricky learns that some television executives are coming to the club to audition him for a new program, he knows all too well that Lucy will want to get into the act. He decides not to tell her -- and to send her on errands that will keep her busy all day. Trouble develops when Buffo, the clown in Ricky's show, is hurt at rehearsals -- and Lucy decides to replace him.

MUSIC: "Babalu"


This episode is based on the script used for the unaired "I Love Lucy" kinescoped pilot. William Frawley (as Fred Mertz) replaced Jerry Hausner in the storyline. Vivian Vance did not appear in this episode.

Jess Oppenheimer and CBS vice-president Harry Ackerman appeared as the TV executives.

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