"Lucy's Last Birthday"

(Episode #60)

OAD: May 11, 1953 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, April 10, 1953 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Lucy's upset because she thinks Ricky and the Mertzes have forgotten her birthday. Mrs. Trumbull tries to save the day by throwing an impromptu party, but Lucy excuses herself and goes to Central Park to be alone. There she meets a group of outcasts that call themselves "The Friends of the Friendless." She asks them to accompany her to the Tropicana -- where she discovers a long-planned birthday party getting underway.

GUEST CAST: Elizabeth Patterson (Mrs. Trumbull); William Hamel (maitre d'); Byron Foulger, Barbara Pepper, Ransom Sherman (Friends of the Friendless)

MUSIC: "Happy Birthday to You," "The Friends of the Friendless," "I Love Lucy"


This episode was the first and only time that the lyrics to the "I Love Lucy" theme were used in the show.

Among the party guests in the Tropicana scene were the Arnazes' real-life friends, Ed and Ebba Sedgewick. Ed, who would die of a heart attack three weeks later, was just finishing work on the proposed "I Love Lucy" movie. (For more on this project see: "I Love Lucy Movie Found"

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