"The Camping Trip"

(Episode #64)

OAD: June 8, 1953 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, May 8, 1953 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: When the ladies in Lucy's bridge club confess that fewer and fewer of their activities include their husbands, Lucy denies that the Ricardos are in the same situation -- they still do everything together. To prove her point (to herself as well as the others) she invites herself along on Ricky and Fred's planned summer camping trip. The husbands, of course, think it is a terrible idea, and -- hoping to discourage her, Ricky takes Lucy on a "preview" outing of their own.

GUEST CAST: Jerry Hausner (Jerry); Doris Singleton, June Whitney (club women)


In the audience for the filming of this episode were actor Danny Thomas and representatives of the William Morris talent agency. Thomas's new Make Room for Daddy series had just been sold to ABC, and Desilu would be handling the production chores. Danny wanted to see how filming a show in front of an audience was accomplished.

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