"Never Do Business with Friends"

(Episode #67)

OAD: June 29, 1953 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, May 29, 1953 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: With all the new baby clothes added to Lucy's weekly wash, the Ricardos' old washing machine is inadequate, so Ricky decides to buy a new one. Fred promptly offers to buy their old machine for $35. Everyone's happy until the Ricardos' old washer goes ka-flooey -- and Fred tries to renege on the deal!

GUEST CAST: Elizabeth Patterson (Mrs. Trumbull); Herb Vigran (repairman)


It is in this episode that we learn Mrs. Trumbull's first name is Mathilda!

This episode was also rather unique in that it gave viewers their first (and only) look at the Ricardos' back porch -- and at the Mertzes' kitchen.

"Never Do Business with Friends" was the final episode of Lucy's second season, and was also the last episode to be filmed at General Service Studios. Desilu Productions had simply outgrown the tiny studio, and within days of completing "Never Do Business," the company moved a few blocks away to Cahuenga Boulevard and the more spacious Motion Picture Center -- which would eventually become "Desilu Cahuenga."

Character actor Herb Vigran,who had already appeared in I Love Lucy earlier in the year as Jule, the music union agent in "The Saxophone," would go on to work with the Arnazes a few weeks later when all three reported to MGM for Vincent Minnelli's Technicolor production of "The Long, Long Trailer." (Vigran would play the salesman who sells them the lengthy trailer-home.)

I Love Lucy, meanwhile, would go off-the-air for a 13-week summer vacation, being replaced by another Philip Morris show, the dramatic Racket Squad, starring Reed Hadley. Lucy would return in October.

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