"The Seance"

(Episode #7)

OAD: November 26, 1951 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Friday, October 19, 1951 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Lucy has taken up numerology and astrology. When Ricky announces he has an important business deal pending, Lucy checks his daily horoscope and tells him it is a great day to "say yes to everything." Then she discovers she was looking at yesterday's newspaper. Today is not a good day for Ricky after all. When the producer Ricky is supposed to meet calls the Ricardo apartment, Lucy tells him no and hangs up. Happily, the man is very familiar with astrology and the occult -- and Lucy tries to get back into his good graces by holding a seance to help the man contact the dear departed.

GUEST CAST: Jay Novello (Mr. Meriweather)

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