"Men Are Messy"

(Episode #8)

OAD: December 3, 1951 - CBS Television Network

FILMED: Thursday, October 25, 1951 - General Service Studios

PREMISE: Lucy cleans and straightens the Ricardo apartment -- only to have Ricky come home and leave clothes and music strewn everywhere. She concludes men are by their very nature messy. She decides to divide the apartment in half, and let Ricky live in his half however he likes. When Ricky's press agent lines up a magazine interview focusing on "Ricky Ricardo at Home," Lucy decides to teach her messy husband a lesson.

GUEST CAST: Kenny Morgan (Kenny); Harry Shannon (photographer); Hazel "Sunny" Boyne (Maggie)

MUSIC: "The Straw Hat Song"


Kenny Morgan was the Arnazes' real-life publicist. He was married at this time to Lucy's cousin, Cleo. He continued to work with Desilu for many years.

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