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RICKY: Okay, Lucy, let's have those sausages. I'm hungry!

LUCY: Who said anything about sausages?

RICKY: You did!

LUCY: I did not. I said links!

RICKY: Same thing... Links, sausages...sausages, links... I could eat a plate full.

LUCY: Not breakfast links, Ricky, computer links!

RICKY: Computers eat sausages?

LUCY: No, silly. Computer links transport you to another web site. Look at all these wonderful places... There are sites for shopping, sites for information, sites for for entertainment...

RICKY: And they are all just a click away?

LUCY: That's right!

RICKY: Well, what do you know! I guess if our computer can have a "mouse," it can also have "sausages."

LUCY: Not sausages, Ricky, links!

RICKY: And people say Spanish is a crazy language!

Some sausages that you might enjoy...

Join The Lucy-Desi Museum --
dedicated to keeping alive the memory,
celebrating the legacy, and preserving the personal effects and professional works of
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Visit:


Visit The Official Lucie Arnaz Homepage
...a fan web site dedicated to Lucie Arnaz,
created and maintained by a loving fan
in Brisbane, Australia. Site includes great
photos and all the latest news about Lucie.

The Official "Ricci, Desi & Billy" Homepage
...a web site created and maintained by Desi,
Ricci Martin and Billy Hinsche. Site includes
latest information about the group's CDs
and concert appearances.

The Gale Gordon Archive
a web-site dedicated to the life and career of Gale Gordon.

Lucy in London
a web-site devoted to Lucy's 1966 special. Site created and hosted in the UK by Lucy fan David Hillman.

...a web site created and hosted by Gregg Oppenheimer,
(co-author of "Laughs, Luck & Lucy"), and featuring
the latest news about "I Love Lucy" books and DVDs.
(You can purchase them here, too!)

She's Suzanne LaRusch --
the lady with Lucy's face.
Find out all about her unque talents at:


Other Star Sites Worth a Visit...
Red Skelton Bob Hope
Jack Benny (fan club) Eddie Cantor
Barbra Streisand Groucho Marx
Lorna Luft  

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