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I Love Lucy:
The 50th Anniversary Tour


The I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Tour has been booked to play at:
  • Harrah's - St. Louis, MO - Aug 16-25, 2002
  • Harrah's - N. Kansas City - POSTPONED
  • Showboat - Atlantic City, NJ - Nov 8-24, 2002
  • Harrah's Rincon Casino - San Diego, CA - Feb 7-16, 2003
Additional bookings will be announced soon.

Move Over Annabel: Here Comes Lucy!

Yes, just like Annabel Allison, Lucy's taking a tour -- at least her memorabilia is. And it may be coming to a fair or event near you!

Included in the traveling show are displays that chronicle the lives and careers of Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley and Vivian Vance. Also displayed are actual artifacts from the I Love Lucy series, including the burlap-sack dress worn by Vivian Vance in the "Lucy Gets a Paris Gown" episode.

But that's not all... The producers of "I Love Lucy: The 50th Anniversary Tour" have painstakingly reproduced three of the series' most famous sets: the 1953 second Ricardo New York apartment (livingroom and kitchen); the Ricardo's Hollywood suite at the Beverly Palms Hotel; and the Tropicana nightclub. In the photo below, Lucy impressionist Suzanne LaRusch visited the Tour -- and felt right a home in "her" kitchen! These sets, you gotta see!

For those who like to play games, the Tour also has an "interactive" element... You can try your hand at packaging chocolates at a recreated candy-factory assembly line, you can try to recite Lucy's spiel for "Vitameatavegamin" -- in 30 seconds or less!, and you can stomp grapes in a special "wine" vat. (In the photo below, Suzanne found the chocolate factory as much of a challenge as the original Lucy!)

No, Suzanne does not travel with the show, but does make occasional guest appearances when the Tour is in the Southern California area.

Photos courtesy Phil Lobel
Lobeline Communications

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