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I LOVE LUCY: 50th Anniversary Special

The following was e-mailed on 1/02/02:

From "Lovebeams41":

Hello... I would love to finally see a special depicting the I Love Lucy cast after the run! For example: Desi appeared on several sitcoms, such as The Mothers-in-Law and Alice, and Vivian Vance appeared on Candid Camera, Red Skelton's program, and many talk shows. And Bill Frawley appeared on My Three Sons and on The Lucy Show. Lastly, Lucy appeared in hundreds of shows during and after her Lucy series. Life With Lucy had one of the most outstandsing shows featuring Lucy and Audrey Meadows.

Let's see the cast before, during and after the I Love Lucy shows. Let's see some of the talk shows and game shows.

I do have one unanswered question: I Love Lucy was and is the most outstanding sitcom of all time. However, TV Guide has never featured a color cast photo on its cover, as they have for other shows. Can anyone tell me why?

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Thanks for your ideas. We have covered much of the material you mention in the film presentations we did at the Loving Lucy Conventions. I agree with you that it would make an interesting TV special.

As for TV Guide -- I was disappointed that they did not do a full color cast shot this past fall when they featured 9 different Lucy-related covers to celebrate the 50th Anniversary... You are correct, such a cover is conspicuous by its absence!

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