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I LOVE LUCY: 50th Anniversary Special

The following was posted 11/14/01:

From Mark Easley:

I enjoyed the special very much. My favorite parts were the tour of Lucy's house and Lucie and Desi singing the song in Spanish. They looked like they have come to terms with it all (the whole I Love Lucy phenomenon) and are at peace. It was very special and moving.

Two questions: How did the special do in the ratings? What number was it for the week? And can we get a video of it without the Columbia House deal? I already have the complete library. Also, one more question: Columbia House has only released 5 cassettes of The Lucy Show. I love them. Why are there not anymore? Thanks...

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The 'I Love Lucy' 50th Anniversary Special averaged an 11.8 household rating and 18 share of audience on Sunday night (9-11PM). It "won" the 9:30-11PM half-hours, beating all the competition, including the last half of "Saving Private Ryan" on ABC and the last half of The X-Files season premiere on FOX. The special finished #10 for the week -- which was not bad at all, considering the high-powered competition. It was the highest rated program CBS has had in that Sunday time slot in 18 months!

I am not sure if Columbia House will make the tape available for current/past subscribers to the VHS and DVD series or not. THEY SHOULD! But I understand that the promo on Sunday made it sound as though it was available to new subscribers only. We will check into this and get back to you. As for the Lucy Show tapes -- apparently Columbia House needs to get a minimum number of subscribers in order to continue with any of their series. (For the new DVD series that number was 2000. I'm not sure what the criteria was for the tapes.) Apparently The Lucy Show did not achieve that minimum, so Columbia House discontinued the series after the first five tapes. They are still available, so if the subscription base improves, the series could still be revived. Spread the word -- and thanks for asking!

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