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The following e-mailed was posted on 4/04/02:

From Fred Robinson:

Hello, Tom Watson,

I met you at the 1997 Lucy Convention, which I thoroughly enjoyed as a lifelong Lucy fan. In 1951, I began watching I Love Lucy at the age of 3, and have been a member of the fan club for many years.

I am looking for Desilu Productions stock certificates -- cancelled or unissued ones. I am a collector and dealer of stock certificates. I have seen one of the Desilu Productions stocks which was unissued.

Any information concerning these certificates would be greatly appreciated. I would loke to purchase one or more for my personal collection.

Thanks for the terrific job you are doing with the Lucyfan Club and internet site. It is super!

* * * * *

Fred -- Thanks for the compliments!

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I do not know who might have Desilu stock certificates for sale. I have seen a few over the years. Legend has it that when Paramount purchased Desilu in 1967, they found a huge box of Desilu certificates in the office -- and dumped them! That's why you would have seen one that was "unissued."

Here is a photocopy of one I was shown a few years ago. Apparently Desi Arnaz had pre-signed all of the certificates, so when Lucy replaced him as President in 1963, rather than reprint everything, they printed over his signature with a silver rectangle, then had Lucy sign over that. The silver ink, however, did not totally block Desi's name -- you can still see the tail of the "z".

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