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The following was e-mailed on 1/15/02:

From Paul Lawson:

On occasion, the lucyfan.com web site gives recognition to frequent guest star actresses, such as Barbara Pepper, Doris Singleton, Shirley Mitchell, Peggy Rhea, etc.

However, it seems that Elvia Allman is not given much recognition as a character actress. I was floored in checking credits of recently shown episodes the versatility of her acting. To Lucy fans, she is probably best known as the female boss in the classic candy factory episode. But she also played the interviewer/fan in the "Homecoming" episode and the play director on the Tallulah Bankhead episode.

Also, there was an actress, Hazel Pierce, who was often in non-speaking roles in various episodes. She would also act as Lucy's stand-in during dress rehearsals (according to a couple of Lucy biographies. My question is: is Hazel still alive, or does anyone know when/if she died? The imdb.com site does not have this information on her. (There is biographic information available for most of the other guest actors/actresses.)

How is Doris Singleton these days? Are there addresses available for us to write to folks like her and Shirley Mitchell? Or would they be forwardable from your site?

Best regards...

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Thanks, Paul... We share your affection for these great (and often under- celebrated) actors. In the near future, we will be adding a special "Biography" area to our lucyfan site which will provide background information on many of the people you mention.

Here is a photo of Elvia in the famous conveyor-belt scene:

Sadly, Hazel Pierce, like so many of the others, is no longer with us. Doris and Shirley, however, are still very active. You can write to them in care of the We Love Lucy US-mail address (see below), and we will forward your letters.

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