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I LOVE LUCY: The Color Episode

The following was e-mailed on 2/09/02:

From Stefano:


I came across your terrific website for Lucy, and was surprised to see mention of the TV Guide listing from 1954 for the "colorcast" of "Ricky's Contract". I had just ran across this very same listing, a few months ago, when I was doing research in a local library for old ads. In doing so, I found the ad with the cartoon graphic of Lucy, and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the words "in color" on it.

I had heard about a presumed episode of the series being filmed in color, but I thought I had heard about it being one of the "European" episodes. In seeing this ad from 1954, I figured that the episode ("Ricky's Contract") probably wasn't actually filmed in color, but perhaps broadcast with a color tint. Now that I've read the article on your site, it's nice to know what actually happened. Still, I'm surprised that nobody had mentioned this before in any books on the show. Hopefully the REAL color episode will turn up someday, if it exists.

Incidentally, the TV Guide I found the ad in, was also from a San Francisco issue. I wonder if the ad appeared in TV Guides all over the country. I would think that it did, but I haven't seen any others to know for certain.

Also, I enjoyed seeing clips from the lost "I Love Lucy" movie in the recent Anniversary special. Do you know if there are plans to release this on video/DVD in the future?


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Good question re the TV Guide issues. We will check with collectors and see if anyone has a TV Guide for that week from some other part of the country.

There are no current plans to issue the "I Love Lucy" movie on VHS or DVD, but the film might be released to home video at some point in the future. The stumbling block right now is the fact that the three episodes of I Love Lucy that are showcased in the feature have just been re-released on the Columbia House DVD series, and those same discs will be released by Paramount Home Video for sale through stores in the fall of 2002. CBS and Paramount are afraid only the "die hard" fans would want to buy something that has only 10-12 minutes of new material. We screened the film, by the way, at our Loving Lucy 2001 Convention -- and everyone loved it!

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