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I LOVE LUCY: Beverly Palms Hotel

The following was e-mailed on 5/06/02:

From Bill Graff:

Dear Tom,

I am quite sure that you know this already, but thought I would write a note just in case... Did you know that the Beverly Palms Hotel is actually the Avalon Hotel on Beverly Drive? I can't believe that I only found this out last week. I went down there to check it out, and there is no doubt, even though it is glimpsed quite briefly in "LA At Last."

It is a trendy little place that really is not much different in style than one would imagine the fictional Beverly Palms. Very retro. They also do a very nice Mint Gimlet. I imagine Lucy's fans would want to add this place to their list of Lucy Locations!

Also, if fans are visiting LA, it's not really expensive by Beverly Hills standards. Oddly, their website makes reference to the fact that Marilyn Monroe lived there, but there is nothing about the Lucy-connection.

I hope you and Richard are well... I always thank him for his wonderful musicianship during the convention banquet, but the lights went down too quickly list time, so I wasn't able to give him my annual "Thanks."

But thanks to you (as always) for the wonderful web-site. I enjoy it so much.

* * * * *

Thanks for the kind words about the website and the convention, and for the information about the Avalon. Actually, we did know the hotel existed, and we always tried to include it in our Loving Lucy Convention Tours -- but the hotel is so "off the beaten path" of the rest of the tour, that we were not able to do so...

Richard and our entire Loving Lucy/We Love Lucy team are suffering withdrawal pains right now... Normally, by this time of year, we are up to our necks in preparations for the annual convention... It seems so strange NOT to be doing one this year!

Thanks again for writing!

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