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Lucy Audio CDs - "Mame" (Soundtrack)

The following was e-mailed on 12/02/01:

From Sydney Hansen:

I am not sure if they even make what I am looking for... I would like a CD or audio-tape (CD preferred) of the soundtrack to Lucy's motion picture version of "Mame." I know they have the Broadway cast album available, but I do not want that. I have seen copies of the soundtrack on ebay, but it is always a 33 1/3rpm vinyl record or 8-track-tape format. Please advise.

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Sydney -- Like you, we tend to think of "Mame" this time of year. Maybe it's the "We Need a Little Christmas" number??? Anyway, I am sorry to report that the soundtrack you are seeking is not currently available, either as a CD or audio cassette tape. As you say, earlier versions are available on e-bay and in used record stores...

Sadly, the movie itself is also not yet available on DVD. It was, however, issued a few years ago as a Laser Disc, and is still available on VHS tape, as is Rosalind Russell's earlier (non-musical) "Auntie Mame." (The latter, in fact, is available on VHS in both full-screen and wide-screen formats!)

We understand that a television remake of "Mame" is in the works, which may be the reason Lucy's 1974 production has not yet been recycled into the CD/DVD markets.

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