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The following was e-mailed on 5/06/02:

From John Bradley-O'Neill:

I happened across your website today, and must commend you all on a job well done! I have bookmarked this site, as I find it to be extremely informative.

My question to you is in regard to the 3 part episode of The Lucy Show, in which Lucy and guest star Carol Burnett join Globe World Airlines as Stewardesses. I have not seen this 3-parter in eons, but do clearly recall it was hilarious -- Carol being fearful of heights, and sent to stewardess-school by her shrink!

Is it possible to get this episode on video or DVD? I doubt it, but thought I would ask the experts. If YOU don't know, then I don't know who does!

* * * * *

Thanks for the kind words about the website!

The Lucy Show programs to which you refer were called "Lucy and Carol Burnett," and aired originally during the 1967-68 season. You are correct -- it is a good show, although I always thought that it might have played better as a single one-hour special, rather than two half-hour episodes... The first part is all about Lucy and Carol enrolling at stewardess school, and part two finds them staging a musical as their graduation show...

Sadly, the shows have not been released as yet on home video. Another of Carol's appearances on The Lucy Show, yet another two-parter in which the girls visit Palm Springs, crops up occasionally, but these are all "bootleg" releases not authorized by Paramount TV. The source material is usually used (i.e., scratchy and/or chopped-up) 16mm prints -- not really what you want in your collection.

Columbia House released twenty episodes of The Lucy Show on five VHS tapes (4 episodes to a tape) a few years ago, but the Burnett appearances were not included... With the series about to celebrate its 40th Anniversary this fall, we are hopeful that Paramount may license a few more of the programs for official release. Stay tuned...

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