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(November 12 - 18, 2001)

Tennessee Jailbirds

47 years ago this week, on November 18, 1954, Desilu filmed what would become one of the most memorable I Love Lucy episodes of all time, "Tennessee Bound," in which the Ricardos and the Mertzes, driving to California, find themselves in a small town jail.

It was all Lucy's fault, of course. First, while driving, she managed to get lost in the "back hills" of Tennessee (she was supposed to be somewhere in Ohio!). Hoping to get back on schedule, Ricky takes the wheel -- and his speeding lands them at the Bent Fort sheriff's station. Lucy back talks to the sheriff one too many times, and faster than you could say, "Ernie Ford," the foursome are in the clink.

It's Cuzzin Ernie to the rescue! The local yokel stages a square dance at the jail, and gets the sheriff and his two daughters -- Teensy and Weensy -- tied up with heavy ropes, while Lucy and the gang escape.

Making memorable appearances in this unusual episode were actor (but soon to be writer-producer) Aaron Spelling (middle photo), who played the backwoods gas-station attendant; and Roz and Marilyn Borden, "the twinnies" who portrayed the sheriff's star-struck daughters. Even after 47 years, Roz and Marilyn are recognized the world over for their roles in this episode, first telecast on CBS Television, January 24, 1955.


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