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(Nov 26 - Dec 2, 2001)

Flaming Redhead!

Lucy's burning desire to hob-nob with movie stars backfires when she and the Mertzes visit the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood -- and Lucy spills a pie on Bill Holden. Later, Holden meets Ricky at MGM and gladly agrees to drive him back to the Ricardos' hotel. Not knowing what has transpired at the Derby, Ricky invites Holden in to meet Lucy -- who tries to disguise herself with a putty nose and glasses. All goes reasonably well, until Lucy reaches for a cigarette!

"L.A. At Last!" I Love Lucy Episode #114, was filmed by Desilu 47 years ago this week, on December 2, 1954. The Arnazes' good friends, Bill Holden (who co-starred with Lucy in "Miss Grant Takes Richmond") and Eve Arden (who was working right next door on Our Miss Brooks) were the show's first "big name" guest stars.

Such guests would remain an important part of the Lucy format for the next 32 years. Interestingly, Miss Ball seldom allowed such performers to appear as a fictional character within a story. Rather, she preferred they appear as themselves, a star of whatever magnitude -- someone of which "Lucy" could be in awe. The last guest to receive such a treatment was John Ritter in Life With Lucy in 1986.


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