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(December 3 - 9, 2001)

"We're Having a Baby...

...My Baby and Me!"

One of the most romantic moments of all time on television occurred the night Lucy told Ricky she was going to have a baby. The two characters' affection for each other -- indeed, the two performers' affection for each other -- burned right through the screen and touched all of our hearts. No wonder Lucy and Ricky were everyone's family, their baby everyone's baby...

Of course, this being I Love Lucy, there were the usual comedic moments as well -- such as earlier in the show when Lucy rehearses telling her husband the big news...

"Lucy Is Enciente," I Love Lucy Episode #50, first aired on CBS Television Network 49 years ago this week, on December 8, 1952. It was the first of seven consecutive episodes chronicling Lucy Ricardo's pregnancy -- or should we say "expectancy."

The song, "We're Having a Baby (My Baby and Me)," incidentally, was introduced by the Arnazes' friend -- and one of Lucy's first benefactors, Eddie Cantor, in his 1941 Broadway musical, "Banjo Eyes." The music was by Vernon Duke, the lyrics by Harold Adamson -- who was hired by Desilu in the spring of 1953 to write the lyrics to the "I Love Lucy" theme.


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