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(December 31 - January 6th, 2002)

"By yon bonnie banks... "

Lucy Goes to Scotland

Forty-six years ago this week Lucille Ball and the I Love Lucy cast and crew hurried back from their Christmas break to film "Lucy Goes to Scotland," a special 30-minute "mini-musical."

The show, with special music by Eliot Daniel, lyrics by Larry Orenstein, told of Lucy Ricardo's fanciful return to the land of her ancestors -- via a dream sequence -- where she finds herself in love with an emigrant -- one Scotty MacTavish MacDougal MacCardo (who came to Scotland on the Spanish Armada)... Unfortunately, she discovers she is also scheduled to become the resident two-headed dragon's next Blue Plate Special...

Desi Arnaz, of course, played her suitor, while Vivian Vance and William Frawley played the dragon.

Script writer Bob Schiller recalls that Viv and Bill's make-up had to be designed twice -- the first time it was so heavy that NO ONE could recognize them...

"Lucy Goes to Scotland," filmed at Desilu on Friday, January 6, 1956, was the first episode of I Love Lucy that the Arnaz children were allowed to watch being filmed. It aired on February 20, and was CBS and Desilu's answer to NBC's new monthly "spectaculars" that were being scheduled directly opposite Lucy on Monday nights. Included in these was Mary Martin's now-classic musical production of "Peter Pan."


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