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(January 7 - 13th, 2002)

"California, Here We Come..."

Forty-seven years ago this week Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel started their cross-country trek to Hollywood. For two months, viewers had watched as Ricky received a movie offer, rehearsed for a screen test, and won a contract with MGM for a production of "Don Juan," -- and while Lucy schemed to have the Mertzes join them on their trip, took driving lessons, and had traffic backed up to East Orange, New Jersey.

After surviving all that, one would think that packing the car and heading west would be a relatively easy chore -- but not for this group...

At one point, Fred had suitcases and Ricky's conga drum literally tied to the side of the car... Finally saner thinking prevailed, as the gang decided to send most of their belongings ahead by rail, and to have Little Ricky stay with Lucy's mother, Mrs. McGillicuddy, until our foursome arrived in California. (Mother and the baby would then fly out to Los Angeles by plane.)

"California, Here We Come," episode #110 of I Love Lucy was filmed at Desilu on Thursday, November 4, 1954, and telecast by CBS Television Network on Monday, January 10, 1955. With this show, Kathryn Card joined the cast as Mrs. McGillicuddy, a role she would play intermittently for the next five years.


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