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Lucy gets herself -- and husband Ricky -- into "another fine mess" when she accidentally gets them locked into a pair of Civil War handcuffs -- and no one has the key! Complicating matters, Ricky is scheduled to appear on a big TV show -- so Lucy goes along and -- standing behind a curtain -- substitutes her right hand for his...

This simple premise is the set up for I Love Lucy episode #37, which first aired on CBS fifty years ago this week, October 6, 1952. The show was one of five that had been filmed the previous spring (May 16) and held for fall. Included in the cast was Veola Vonn (see photo above, right) as the TV show hostess, and character actor Will Wright, who would appear again two seasons later as Teensy and Weensy's father.

Trivia Note: Some of the wrap-around footage for the 1953 "I Love Lucy" feature film was shot the same evening as this show.

Trivia Note #2: Lucy -- and her writers -- liked the idea of Lucy's hand substituting for someone else's so much that they repeated the ploy in an early episode of The Lucy Show and in the famous Elizabeth Taylor - Richard Burton episode of Here/s Lucy.


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