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Mustached Mama...

Mother-to-be Lucy seems to be getting all the attention these days -- baby showers, mentions in the gossip columns... Husband Ricky, on the otherhand, feels despondent. When he starts complaining of physical ailments that sound a lot like "morning sickness," a family physician tells Lucy his illness is psychosomatic -- Ricky merely needs to share in some of the excitement surrounding the baby. Lucy talks Fred into throwing Ricky a "daddy shower," then worries it might turn into more of a "stag party." She and Ethel decide to crash the event to keep an eye on things...

"Ricky Has Labor Pains," the fifth installment of Lucy's pregnancy stories, was filmed by Desilu 50 years ago this week, on October 31, 1952. Jerry Hausner appeared in his on-going role as Ricky's agent, and character-actor Louis Merrill played the Ricardos' doctor.

Two of the cleverest scenes in this episode were often edited out when the show went into syndication -- to make time for more commercials. One found a very pregnant Lucy sitting in a chair, but unable to stand up... She ultimately pulls the coffee table over for support. A very funny "real-life" moment. The other scene finds Ricky preparing to watch a program on television, and Lucy unwittingly moves his chair...

"We always tried to open the show with little scenes that established what was happening in these people's lives," said writer Madelyn Davis. "Many times we worked on these longer than we did the big block comedy scenes... It makes you cry when some editor comes along and clips them out."


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