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(November 18 - 24, 2002)

Ethel... It's molting!

Lucy decides to hold a "redecorating party" for the Mertzes -- repainting their walls and reupholstering their 20-year-old furniture. Unfortunately, the well-meaning redhead not only gets more paint on herself than on the walls -- she attacks Fred's favorite over-stuffed chair just as he turns on a fan to blow out the paint fumes. Feathers, feathers, everywhere...

"Redecorating the Mertz Apartment," I Love Lucy Episode #74, was first telecast by CBS Television Network 49 years ago this week, on November 23, 1953. It was the third of four shows based on a redecorating theme. The first, "Redecorating" (Episode #43) had aired exactly a year earlier, on November 24, 1952...

The furniture Lucy won in that episode's Home Show contest lasted 6 months, and was replaced by a mulit-piece sectional in "Lucy Wants New Furniture" (Episode #63), which aired in June of '53. (That's the show in which Lucy winds up with hair like Little Orphan Annie.) The sectional remained in the Ricardo apartment only 10 episodes, and would now be given to the Mertzes in this current show to replace the items Lucy wrecked. The new furniture acquired by the Ricardos in the last scene of this episode would last until February, 1957, when Lucy and Betty Ramsey buy all new things for the Ricardos' new Connecticut home.

During the first two seasons of I Love Lucy, the Mertz apartment set was the same as that used for the Ricardo bedroom, with different wall-coverings. Note how the doors are in the same place:


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