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(November 25 - December 1, 2002)

Lucy and Viv Go It Alone...

Lucy and Viv are disappointed when their TV set "goes on the fritz," but are even more alarmed when the repair man tells them the set is fine... but their roof-top TV antenna has blown down. It will cost a lot of money to have a new one installed. They decide to buy the antenna and install it themselves!

"Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna," Episode #9 of The Lucy Show, was first telecast by CBS Television Network 40 years ago this week, on November 26, 1962. It was perhaps the second of the truly great episodes of Lucy's second series (the first being the very first show, "Lucy Waits Up for Chris.") More would follow -- many of them in this, it's first season.

If the original premise of I Love Lucy was "Lucy wants to get into show business," then the original premise of The Lucy Show was "Lucy and Viv, going it alone, without their respective husbands." "Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna" was a prime example -- and included many wonderful moments of physical comedy. Of course, the show seems a bit dated -- when this kind of problem comes up today, a person simply calls their cableman!


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