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(December 2 - 8, 2002)

An Apple a Day?

Lucy tries to earn a few extra dollars by babysitting, not knowing that her first client is actually a pair of mischievous twins. Jimmy and Timmy Hudson not only kick Lucy in the shins, but tie her up, stick an apple in her mouth, and threaten to burn her at the stake. Luckily, their mother calls in the nick of time. Mrs. Hudson has been delayed at the beauty parlor, and asks Lucy to replace her at a talent contest that evening. The act: Mrs. Hudson & The Twins... Their song: "Ragtime Cowboy Joe."

"The Amateur Hour," was filmed by Desilu 51 years ago this week, on December 7, 1951. It was the 14th episode of I Love Lucy to go before the cameras -- and Desilu was very proud because prior to the series going on the air, nearly everyone in the industry had predicted the show would not get beyond "the first 13 weeks." (TV, like radio before it, was booked on 13-week cycles.) No one, of course, knew the show and its successors would last another 23 years -- and decades more in reruns!

Appearing in "The Amateur Hour" with Lucy, Desi and Vivian Vance were Gail Bonney (as Mrs. Hudson) and David Stollery (later of The Mickey Mouse Club and Sammy Ogg (as the twins). Bill Frawley had the week off.


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