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(January 20 - 26, 2003)

"She Doesn't Do Windows"

Lucy's hopes of turning the Ricardos' voyage to Europe into a romantic second honeymoon are compromised by Ricky's work schedule. Annoyed and lonely, the redhead decides to take action. She locks her husband and herself into their stateroom (so they will HAVE to spend a quiet evening together), and gives the key to Ethel. As usual, Lucy's timing is bad -- Ricky had already made plans to take the night off so they could have a romantic evening of dinner and dancing. Trying to retrieve her stateroom key, Lucy winds up stuck in the ship's porthole.

"Second Honeymoon," episode # 141 of I Love Lucy, was first televised by CBS Television 47 years ago this week, on January 23, 1956.


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