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(October 20 - 26, 2003)

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

Lucy Carmichael is at first hopeful when she learns that the Danfield Bank has a new president. Whomever he is, she reasons, he has to be easier to work with than cranky old Mr. Barnsdahl, right? Wrong! The new manager of her financial affairs turns out to be Theodore J. Mooney, who is even tighter with a dollar than his predecessor.

"Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault," production #34 of The Lucy Show, aired 40 years ago this week, on Monday, October 21, 1963. Among the guest cast were child actor Barry Livingston (photo above, right), who would later become a regular with real-life brother Stan on My Three Sons, and Ellen Corby, who had earlier played "Miss Hanna," Lucy McGuillicuddy's drama teacher on I Love Lucy -- and would go on to win TV fame as the grandma on The Waltons.

The episode also introduced the Mr. Mooney character (played by character actor Gale Gordon) into the Lucy series -- and launched what would be an on-going "professional partnership" of Lucy and Gale. The two had worked together before, of course... They had appeared on radio together as early as 1938, when both were regulars on Jack Haley's Wonder Show. Gale was a regular on Lucy's own My Favorite Husband radio series a decade later, and Lucy was hopeful of having him be a regular on I Love Lucy in the 1950s.

Writer Madelyn Davis remembers it was Gale's guest appearance in the 1958 "Lucy Makes Room for Danny" Lucy-Desi special that renewed the redhead's interest in Gordon. He played a harried judge in that show, and Lucy marvelled at his performance. When she launched The Lucy Show in 1962, she hoped to have him on board as a regular -- but he was already committed to another series. When that show ended, she pounced!

Gordon remained at Lucy's side for the next five years of The Lucy Show, co-starred in all six seasons of Here's Lucy, guest-starred in her "Lucy Moves to NBC" special in 1980, and returned to her side for Life With Lucy in 1986.

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