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(October 27 - Nov 2, 2003)

"You're my lamby, I'm your mammy...
Oh my darling Clementine..."

The grass around the Carmichael house is growing by leaps and bounds, but Lucy cannot afford a new power mower. Vivian's son Sherman playfully suggests they buy a sheep -- and Lucy takes him up on it! For $30, she and Viv buy a sheep, name it Clementine, and dream of making a fortune by renting out the sheep to graze on the neighbors' lawns. Trouble ensues when winter arrives a few weeks early, and it starts to snow. Lucy decides to let Clementine stay in her kitchen until she can have a heated shed built -- but the sheep's constant bleating keeps the entire household awake. She winds up having to sing it to sleep:

"You're a sleepy little sheepy,
Hit the sack now, Clementine."

"Lucy Buys a Sheep," production #2 of The Lucy Show, aired 41 years ago this week, on Monday, October 29, 1962. (Unlike I Love Lucy, episodes of The Lucy Show were not always telecast in the order of production. Technically, this show was the fifth episode to air.)

Among the guest cast was character actor Parley Baer, as the sheep farmer (photo, top).

Series regular Jimmy Garrett (Jerry Carmichael) remembers the opening scene in this episode being the material used in the auditions for the show.

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